The Boxer and the Blonde

        This article was written for Sports Illustrated by Frank Deford in 1985 and is considered a classic.  Shortly after the article was written, Deford expressed to the Conn family that it was generally accepted as the most popular article in the history of the magazine.  This article also gained attention from Hollywood.  Director Ron Shelton visited the Conn family in Pittsburgh and wrote a screenplay based on the article.  Shelton has directed many hit movies including Bull Durham and White Men Can't Jump.  It was also rumored that Matt Dillon would star in the movie as Billy Conn and James Caan was to play the role of Billy's father-in-law, "Greenfield" Jimmy Smith.  Plans for the movie fell through for reasons I am unsure of, but the screenplay is still floating around in Hollywood.

Billy Conn takes on young store robber

        At the age of 72 Billy Conn interrupted a convenience store robber near his home in Pittsburgh.  This article was taken from the Pittsburgh Press Newspaper the day after the incident which made national headlines.  The robber dropped his wallet during the scuffle.  He was identified as Nick Conyers and was arrested later that week.

The Little Man Who Was Almost There

        Boxing writer Jack Mahon wrote this article about the 1941 fight between Joe Louis and Billy Conn.  Mahon was in attendance the night of the bout.  The article appeared in the 1966 April issue of Boxing Illustrated.

Still the Pittsburgh Kid

        This article was written by Angelo Prospero, Boxing Hall of Fame Historian, for THE MAIN EVENT in October 1986.

Billy Conn - The One and Only Pittsburgh Kid

        This article was written by Angelo Prospero, Boxing Writer and  Historian.


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