I did have the pleasure of meeting Billy Conn. What a day that was for me;
what a great man. You can be sure you have done the right thing, a site for
the champ.
George Foreman

Thanks for letting me know about the web site.  Great job! 

Frank Deford, Sports Illustrated

Got a letter from Tim Conn telling me about the launching of, featuring his father's photos, articles and much more.  Conn against Louis was that great heavyweight match where Billy nearly snatched the crown from Joe's head. 

Bill Gallo, New York Daily News

I am a retired boxing writer/historian, and former president of the World
Boxing Hall of Fame in Los Angeles.  Billy Conn was my idol as a kid--and
still is!  Congratulations, on a fine Website!   I shall alert family
and friends to it, and look forward to your expansion of it.
William O'Neill *
Riverside, CA

All boxing fans should check out the new website  The pictures alone are worth the price of admission. 

Ron Rapoport, Chicago Sun Times

If your into a boxing online mood, check out http;//, a cool chronicle of the first Pittsburgh Kid's career, complete with old photos and information. 

Chuck Finder, The Pittsburgh Press

My name is Tom McCoy,  I am now 49 years old, and grew up with
Billy Conn's greatest fan, my dad. My dad is from Sacramento, California his dad
worked many years for the Sacramento Bee newspaper, met many great fighters
such as Max Baer, however my Dad loved Billy Conn and felt he was the
greatest boxer bar none. And thank you for this web sight. Billy should not
be forgotten. My dad attended the second Louis-Conn fight, and my former
trainer Angelo Rogers from San Jose, was in the service with Billy, and told
a great Billy Conn story. I guess it was in the late 60's when my father and I  saw
Billy walking out of a restaurant. He looked like a movie star! I
remember my dad saying, since Billy was with others, "Don't disturb him" out
of respect, however I wish to God that I could have met him. By all accounts
Billy was the greatest of guys.
 My dad saw Billy train in San Francisco in the late 30's, and Billy was
nice enough to speak with him for a short time.
    What your doing is just wonderful because Billy Conn is
as good as it gets with a pair of gloves on or off!  Take care.

Tom McCoy

I'm one of Billy's biggest fans! In my mind he's the greatest light heavyweight who ever lived! He's also one of the greatest Irish fighters of all time!  Finally a site for "The Pittsburgh Kid", more than just the guy who lost to Joe Louis.  A big Billy Conn fan,
Kyle Mulderig

WOW!  What a website. Was I ever impressed to say the least. Billy would
have been proud. 

Ange Prospero. Boxing historian and writer

   Hi, this is Stephen Gordon, the editor of the Cyber Boxing Zone.  Billy Conn is one of my all-time favorite
fighters! In my view he was one of the few pre-WWII boxers who created the
template for today's modern fighter. He was sorta the Doug Flutie of boxing.
What a great warrior. & he was a helluva man also ... I think he would have
kicked Roy Jones' ass.
Stephen Gordon, Cyber Boxing Zone

I was really shocked by the photo of Billy totally bandaged
with the caption:  "If this was the winner, what did the loser look
like?"  If that was his favorite picture, then he must have had a great
sense-of-humor as well as all of his other great accomplishments.
Thanks again for sharing such inspiring new photographs. 
Anne Preston

Hi my name is Peter and for many years myself and my father and brothers
have been big fans of Billy Conn, whom in our minds and I am sure many other
peoples minds was the greatest light heavyweight of all time and if his
career wasn't interrupted by world war 2 you would have been looking at
Billy Conn as the true greatest.  I have never seen his first fight with Joe
Louis in its entirety but I here it was a cracker!! I am sure you would
appreciate this message seeing as it comes for Ireland!!  yours sincerely,

Peter Garvey

I was so glad to see that someone has put together a site for who I regard as
the best fighter of all time.  Later in College, when I was training my youngest brother for his amateur
fights, I stumbled upon a video of the first Louis fight. That's when I was
convinced I just saw the toughest, most skillful fighter I had ever seen.
Nobody that much smaller than Joe Louis - gives him a beating like that
without some serious skills!  Take Care! 

Aaron Zeringue

My name is Rocky Alkazoff and I am a writer with the Cyber Boxing Zone.
I'll keep it short and sweet.  The Website is a treasure.  As far as
Billy is concerned, for a window of time, there is no doubt that Billy
could have beaten any light heavyweight on a given night, but it is his
pound for pound status that elevates him to the top of the line.
Billy's victories over heavyweights and his effort against Joe Louis
ranks with the greatest pound for pound effort of all time.  Very rarely
in modern times has any fighter beaten fighters with twenty or more
pounds on them.  Even such greats as Sugar Ray Robinson failed at a
effort like that due to the heat overcoming him  It was a tough effort
Billy put up against Louis, and his skill against the Brown Bomber will
never be forgotten.  To my mind, Billy ranks with Ezzard Charles, Rocky
Marciano and Roberto Duran as the greatest pound for pound fighters of
the modern era, with Archie Moore, Floyd Patterson, and Harold Johnson
fitting in that group.  I enjoyed the whole site, and you should be
proud of Billy.  He was an American classic.
Rocky Alkazoff,  Cyber Boxing Zone


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